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Laggo & Chiudo: ovvero i miei 4 giorni con lo Spiel Digital Italia

A circa un anno dall’inaugurazione del canale torno con uno special vlog bello zeppo di stupidaggini, per tenere fede a me stesso. Ma procediamo con ordine: verso fine ottobre ho avuto l’onore, assieme a tanti carissimi colleghi dell’informazione ludica italiana, di far parte dello Spiel.Digital.Italia, un collettivo il cui scopo era quello di restituire agli aficionados del gioc...[Read More]

Board in Short – Episode 11: Unmatched Jurassic Park – Ingen VS Raptors (and something else)

After a “”brief”” pause, here I am back to you meeplings with something I wanted to show you for a very long time. Being a Dinoholic, this month’s tutorial is of Unmatched Jurassic Park – Ingen VS Raptors (R. Daviau, J.D. Jacobson / Mondo Games, Restoration games). My inner child is shaking. And NOPE, this is not a VS review, though there’s a little extra ...[Read More]

Beyond the Box – Deckscape & Decktective

Non ricordo a chi avevo promesso altri video in italiano, comunque sia: eccovi accontentati! Con “Beyond the Box” apro una nuovissima mini rubrica dove tratterò di mondi sempre attinenti al gioco, ma non convenzionali e non necessariamente da tavolo. Poco più di un mese fa i ragazzi della DVgiochi mi hanno inviato delle copie promozionali dei giochi della linea Deckscape e Decktective ...[Read More]

Board in Short Special – Mancalamaro + Ludo&crudo presentano: Little Town

🇮🇹: Ciao amici Meeples della penisola! Vi ho tenuto nascosta la cosa per un po’, ma è giunto il momento di rivelarvi che: in poche parole, ho realizzato per i miei grandissimi amici della manCalamaro il tutorial del gioco Little Town (Iello / Shun & Aya Taguchi), INTERAMENTE e PER LA PRIMISSIMA VOLTA in lingua italica! Gustatevi il video (ed i meme) e magari fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate...[Read More]

Board in Short – Episode 10: Oriflamme

Here’s a new and über quick vid for y’all ladies & gents. I’m talking about Oriflamme (Adrien & Axel Hesling / Studio H & MS edizioni), a very cool filler game about action queues, backstabbing, schemes and other intrigues! Enjoy this 3-minutes tutorial, hit the like button and maybe leave a comment! 😉

Board in Short – Episode 9: Goryo VS Kodachi

What? An 11-minutes-long episode? Why do you even call it “Board in Short” then? Well, let me explain: […] ok nope I have no excuse BUT from time to time I like to pick games that are worth some extra time (and memes) of explanation. It’s definitely the case of Goryo (A. Candiani / Gateongames) and Kodachi (A. B. West / Wizkids, Fever Games). In this new VS episode we may t...[Read More]

Board in Short – Episode 8: Roam

So, in short (hehe), the good guys in dvGiochi sent me a promotional copy of Roam (R. Laukat/Red Raven Games) and I couldn’t help but review this little gem. A very quick, light, fun and coloured filler, definitely a must-have for fans of majority board games.

Board in Short – Episode 7: Bärenpark VS Space park

Since I’ve got plenty of time during this quarantine, I’m giving you guys a new board game review in advance. New VS episode, and I’m talking about fluffy death machines and space travel. What do these two things have in common? Theme parks, apparently. Enjoy!

Board in Short – Episode 6: The Legendary El Dorado VS The Lost Expedition, by Ludo&crudo

Second episode of the VS series! In this vid I’ll explain the rules of two games I really love: The Legendary El Dorado (Ravensburger/R. Knizia) and The Lost Expedition (Osprey games/P. Sylvester). In both of them your goal is to reach the mythical lost city, through competition or cooperation. Which one will you pick? Hope you all meeplings are safe inside your houses in these times of stru...[Read More]

Board in short – Episode 4: Silk VS Terror Below, by Ludo&crudo

New episode AND new format for you meeplings. This time I’m not just talking about one game, but two! More precisely, I’m comparing two bgs with the same theme: Silk (by Devir Games/Luis Ranedo) and Terror Below (Renegade Games/Mike Elliott). Who said that worms couldn’t be cute? As you can see I’m getting better at video-editing, and this means one thing: MOAR MEMES will c...[Read More]

Board in short – Episode 3: Cartographers, by Ludo&crudo

Here’s a new vid for y’all, dear meeplings! Glad to be a new member of this network! A huge thank you goes to Gabri and Flavio “Meeple with the shirt” for letting me join them on! Hope you’ll have fun watching my contents from now on. In this episode I’m reviewing Cartographers, a cool and quick flip-and-write/map-making game by Thunderworks games...[Read More]

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